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Natural Wool Sleeping Bag/Swaddle

Natural Wool Sleeping Bag/Swaddle

Natural Wool Sleeping Bag/SwaddleNatural Wool Swaddle/Sleeping BagNatural Wool Swaddle/Sleeping BagNatural Wool Sleeping Bag/Swaddle


We care about sleep! Better sleep, more sleep.

In the collection of 2013/2014 we introduced the new Miracle size, in a combo (Miracle-Newcomer) first time. The Sleeping Bag/Swaddle is something entirely new, perhaps it has never been made before. The whole garment opens up flat to make dressing a sensitive little one super-duper easy. Innovation: The sleeve openings can be closed with coconut buttons to make a sweet comfortable swaddle for restless sleepers. Later the sleeveless sleeping bag works for Charmers as a nightshirt/gown. Durable sewn-on snap tape in front and bottom. Quick diaper changes, also in the dark, and perfect for cloth diapers. The whole bag can be shortened with a button closure for the smallest babies (Miracles), or to allow for use in the car seat/stroller for NewComers.

The ManyMonths Seeping Bag/Swaddle is sewn from a naturally stretchy 100% merino wool rib. The thin and curly merino wool fibres trap air, and baby will feel wonderfully warm, or cool during the warmer months. Wool is fully breathable and it can absorb about a third of its own weight in fluid before feeling wet, or even damp, thus not to worry about leaking diapers. The most important feature for Miracles is, however, that merino wear help to keep body temperature optimal by accommodating fluctuating temperatures, environmental changes and moisture on the skin. When preemies don't need to use so much energy for staying warm, they have more energy for the important growth.

Material and Care

100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design.

Machine washable.

Available in Sizes

Miracle-Newcomer (Preemie-3/4 months)

Size Chart


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