ManyMonths NewComer 0-3/4 months Explorer 6-12/18 months a Size Chart Adventurer - 1-2/2,5 years Innovator and Beyond Innovator - 5-7/7,5 years Miracle - Preemie Conqueror - 3-4,5/5 months

Longies with Knee Patches (Exp-Adv Minus) UNiQUE

Longies with Knee Patches (Exp-Adv Minus) UNiQUE



UNiQUE Patchwork Pants in sizes Charmer-Explorer, Adventurer, Conqueror and Innovator
In the wake of the much loved Hazel Pants we've designed these patchwork pants all the way to Innovator size for those who love colour and want to show a bit of modern, hippie style. Connecting seams on the outside, waist and bottom of legs adjustable with a buttonhole elastic, use the legs straight removing the elastic or keep them narrower for a more relaxed style. No suspenders.

Material and Care

100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for us. Exp/Adv Minus knee patches 55 % hemp/45 % organic cotton

Machine washable.

Available in Sizes


6– months–2 years

68–80/92 cm



New Arrivals:

Saffron Yellow
Violet Lotus
Moonlight Blue
Poppy Red
Sequoia Green
Silver Grey

Almond Chocolate Dark Almond Chocolate Golden Bee Purple Peace Dark Almond Chocolate Golden Bee