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ManyMonths Woollies 2016-17

NEW 2015-16 Little Princess Skirt Shirt Short Sleeve

Kimono Body/Shirt with Foldover Sleeves

Kimono Body/Shirt with Foldover Sleeves in NewComer-Charmer size
A much awaited addition to the range for the youngest babies. Clever and good-looking generous adjustment arrangement with a combo of natural coconut buttons and straps. Easy to dress, completely removable crotch part. Foldover sleeves that make mittens for the newborns in order to prevent scratching with sharp nails. Also keeps small hands warm while babywearing.


Elephant Hood with an Elephant Embroidery & Dinosaur Hood UNiQUE


Adjustable Button Booties

Adjustable Button Booties as a onesize item NewComer-Charmer-Explorer
A double-layer high-rib bootie for babywearing, sleeping, car and bike rides etc. with a cute coconut button adjustment. Inside organic cotton 95%/elastane 5% rib, outside 100% merino wool rib.


Pullover with Elbow Patches

Pullover with Elbow Patches in Hemp/Organic Cotton in sizes Explorer-Adventurer, Conqueror and Innovator
The ManyMonths Cardigan is highly popular as a button-up sweater, but we've many got requests for a model without any buttons and have designed this new unisex Pullover with long ribs for adjustability and a generous, relaxed sizing up to Innovator size with Elbow patches for style.


Patchwork Pants UNiQUE

UNiQUE Patchwork Pants in sizes Charmer-Explorer, Adventurer, Conqueror and Innovator
In the wake of the much loved Hazel Pants we've designed these patchwork pants all the way to Innovator size for those who love colour and want to show a bit of modern, hippie style. Connecting seams on the outside, waist and bottom of legs adjustable with a buttonhole elastic, use the legs straight removing the elastic or keep them narrower for a more relaxed style. No suspenders.


Thermal Under/Over Top

Thermal Under/Over Top in sizes Adventurer, Conqueror, Innovator
A unisex sleeveless top for use as a comfortable base layer underneath other clothing or as a vest on top of short and long sleeve shirts to give more warmth and a different look.


Thermal Under/Over Shorts

Thermal Under/Over Shorts in sizes Adventurer, Conqueror, Innovator
To use as underwear, or as a 2nd layer with leggings for a fashionable look, or for better cloth diaper safety with other ManyMonths pants or even Longies for superb night protection.


Longies with Knee Patches (Exp-Adv Minus) UNiQUE

UNiQUE Longies with Knee Patches in Hemp/Organic Cotton in a combo size of Explorer-Adventurer minus with a somewhat wider and slightly lower cut + longer legs than the regular Explorer Longies for active ManyMonths Children.


Colours 2016-17

Saffron Yellow
Violet Lotus
Moonlight Blue
Poppy Red
Sequoia Green
Silver Grey

Almond Chocolate Dark Almond Chocolate Golden Bee Purple Peace Dark Almond Chocolate Golden Bee