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MaM Woollies

NEW 2015-16

MaM Woollies

Reversible, unisex ManyMonths® Headband and ear warmer in double layers – fits from baby to adult. Perfect for the colder seasons with hair down or up, for chilly mornings, sports or a stroll in the park – great save for a bad hair day too! Adjustable with removable buttonhole elastic for an optimal fit.

No-fuss MaM® Long Fingerless Mittens, soft and flexible, wonderfully suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Keeps your hands warm without hindering dexterity – great for taking care of baby, operating a camera or other device, typing on the computer, driving, and any other activity that needs the use of your fingers. Onesize, from Innovator to adult.

The MaM® Neck Tube Scarf is a neck warmer generous in size, with a luxurious feel and look without any hanging ends getting in the way of your activities, or the airways of your child during babywearing. Can be pulled up over your head too, when needed. Wicks away moisture and breathes to regulate body temperature for outstanding comfort in a variety of weather conditions.

The MaM® Crossbody Purse was designed to complement every Natural Woollies outfit. It has a long, adjustable strap and zip closure, and can be worn by both children and adults. Size optimized for your everyday essentials: wallet, phone, spare nappy and the treasures your child finds on the way... Lined with organic woven fabric for durability.

The MaM® MultiTube is a maternity garment and nursing top in one – it even works as a skirt! Wear on top of unbuttoned jeans for the comfort of your growing tummy during pregnancy. Pull up above your breasts to use as a nursing top covering your belly and back either underneath another top or as it is. Also makes an excellent breast warmer. Adjustable and elastic upper hem, all seams flat.

Stay as warm and comfortable as your ManyMonths®-children in the MaM® All-the-Time Leggings. Adjustable waist with buttonhole elastic to allow for maternity and post-maternity body changes. 100% merino wool is breathable and resists odor naturally, so the leggings can be worn many times between washing. Suitable for playing on cold floors with the kids as well as during outdoor activities or winter sports. Perfect for using as a warm base layer or as such with a skirt, tunic or dress. Enjoy every weather in an entirely new way.
From the office to the playground, this stylish tunic dress will have you looking chic whatever the occasion.

The MaM® MotherHood Tunic has a classic design that adapts to the changing body with two lovely sewn-on pockets. A horizontal cut below the breasts allows for adjustability and convenient breastfeeding. The highly stretchy fabric also fits a pregnancy bump.

The Long Sleeve Top is designed to be worn on its own, but is very functional also as a thermal top layered with a zip jacket. Covers all needs: a day in the park with the children, a lunch with friends, a run on the beach, a hike in the forest, and a ski trip to the mountains during a midwinter week.

The MaM® Cardigan is designed in a timeless, classic style for every occasion with beautiful, natural coconut buttons. A perfect addition to your winter wardrobe, but as comfortable during spring or fall evenings. No more trans-seasonal dressing issues, the MaM® Cardigan is a versatile essential, so wonderfully comfortable that you'll want to wear it every day.